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The Real Legend 3 The Real Legend 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


What's up with the sudden increase in sound quality right before Link and Navi have the big Subterranean Lava Dragon fight thingamajig?
That certainly was really pleasing to my ears, as before the sound was a bit... grating. This was most apparent with the voice of Navi, which was rather painful to listen to, but afterwards rather pleasant.

Writing is off. I know it's a parody and you should stick close to the source material, but I think the way you use elements of the game can be improved upon. Mind you, I know comedy is probably the hardest to write -the good kind anyway, which you seem to be striving for- and it's getting better with every installment, but it hasn't quite reached the level of 'laugh out loud' funny just yet.

It has its moments, but you either overdid a few things or left something to be desired with a few others.

That's it for for now, cheers.

Abyssal Abyssal

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A prime example of the importance of audio

It's rather simple, featuring only simple shots of the character surrounded by freaky monsters. The artwork isn't the best ever, yet the ambience created by these monsters, and the soundscapes produced truly make it a terrifying experience.


Scythemantis responds:

Thanks! I've always been easily unnerved by certain sounds. Even very mundane sounds are eerie out of context or when I think too much about them :)