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The Run: A Sci-fi Story Series -- Main Page

2010-06-22 15:03:41 by RNNR

The Run

A Sci-fi Story Series


'The Run' follows Joe, a Runner, as he smuggles questionable goods in a future where mankind has embarked on its venture into the stars.
With the Second Age of Discovery blooming, making Runs for humanity's megacorporations has become a lucrative, though tricky business.
At ease with his life, Joe is offered doing Runs for Brahma Innovations, a company on the forefront of biology, medicine and genetics. His cargo will however thrust him in an increasingly thick web of corporate intrigue, spun by the most powerful men in the known universe.
With no other options left, Joe finds the only way to be forward. Wherever that may lead to.

General Info

Like the title says, this is an ongoing series and as it stands now an installment of 4-5 pages will be released every two weeks. Though 14 days between episodes is the absolute maximum.
Along with these, I'll include some writer commentary as well to provide additional insight of the story's development.

Below I've included links to each chapter and Development log for easy navigation through the series.


1 -- Cargo
2 -- Drop
3 -- Contact (Working Title)

... and beyond.

Writer's Commentary

1 -- [Expected when I have enough to tell]

What Remains

If you have any questions regarding the project, don't be afraid to step up.
In addition to asking in the comments, you can find me on formspring where you can get all you need to know.

You can also follow me and the Run's progress via my Twitter.

It's likely that the layout of this post will change depending on the story and whatever might come out of this.

I think I've got everything covered now,


The Run: A Sci-fi Story Series -- Main Page


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2010-06-22 15:07:57

Waiting on your next installments. What I've read was a great set-up for the character and the galaxy he lives in. Just stay consistent with your updates!