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Balance - Storybook Collab Project -

2008-12-12 18:21:32 by RNNR


Important Links:
-- Storybook Collab Thread
-- Regarding Voicework Auditions and the like

So, the topic I opened got shot down apparently. Right...

sucho and I are currently working on our submission for the Storybook Collab.
He's applying his creative vision to my writing and so far it has been working out superbly.
So far the base of the Design Document has been finished, with now things being added as the project moves along with a Character Sheet being in the exact same state.

I've now commenced work on the script, while sucho is exploring and developing the graphical style of the story based on the documents provided.

To give you an idea of the story I'll post a rough outline of the plot:


The story revolves around balance, equilibrium and two opposites.
These themes are presented in the form of a man and a woman. Now both of these people have an unexplained, supernatural influence on their surroundings.
The man has a good influence, while the woman has a bad influence. This 'gift' has shaped their very lives and continues to do so day after day after day.

But then they meet eachother, and they find their influences somehow cancel eachother out.
This meeting of two extremes has quite the consequences though.

It's an adventurous tale, with a rich setting and backstory, characters with a tale to tell and conflict at every turn.


The team currently consists of :

- Artist: sucho*

- Musician: viion*
- Sound Effects: TheBaldy*

- Voice actor: Vert*
- Voice actor: Daniel Conlin
- Voice actor: Russell Gold

- Voice actress: snowfender*
- Voice actress: voicegirl*

- Script writer, Organisation: RNNR*

(* attached)

I'll update regularly with progress reports!


- 12-13-2008: First Draft of the script in the works, named every main character appropriately. LOOKING FOR MUSICIANS AND VOICE ACTORS
- 12-12-2008: Vert has joined the team as a voice-actor.
- 12-12-2008: McFooFa wants to lend his voice

- 12-13-2008: Bosa has accepted my offer to contribute, discussing the project with him.
- 12-13-2008: snowfender has offered to act as a voice actress.
- 12-13-2008: Work continues on the script, started up environment document and vehicle document.
- 12-13-2008: Script is 4 pages and counting.
- 12-13-2008: Awaiting replies from Bosa and snowfender.

- 12-14-2008: Discussing voice acting work with Thanos and his friend.
- 12-14-2008: Noticed the left corner of my mouth got burned by lasagna.
- 12-14-2008: McFooFa, Vert and Sucho are officially AWESOME.
- 12-14-2008: Voicework auditions are rolling in. Awaiting reply from two female voice actors and Bosa
- 12-14-2008: Damn you Tom Fulp, sucho needs his tablet NAO D:

- 12-15-2008: Thanos has offered to compose music.
- 12-15-2008: Bosa is now REALLY in, as is orlyman. Still awaiting reply from the two voice actresses.
- 12-15-2008: TheBaldy has agreed to do sound effects.
- 12-15-2008: MOAR scriptwork, also noticed the dates on this thing were way off. Damn american notation >_>
- 12-15-2008: McFooFa has informed me he can't be a part of this project any longer =(. Thanks for being a part of it anyway! =)
- 12-15-2008: snowfender has replied!
- 12-15-2008: snowfender has joined the ranks of AWESOME!
- 12-15-2008: orlyman has formally joined the team.

- 12-16-2008: contact has been made with Lady Arsenic, receiving voice work. More script work.
- 12-16-2008: Tiredguy has offered his voice.
- 12-16-2008: more artwork underway, Rina-chan has offered her voice, script now reached 9 pages.
- 12-16-2008: script first draft ETA ~early next week.
- 12-16-2008: TiredOldGuy be auditioning 'n' stuff yo! Also finally set the names of the lead characters in stone.
- 12-16-2008: Yes, I love my update stuff sucho, keeping the people informed! Turned down Rina-chan, I have my heart set on snowfender.

- 12-17-2008: Well, Rina-chan didn't take that very well... Script 1st draft is at 9 pages and counting.

- 12-18-2008: sucho: MAH TABLETS HERE, RNNR: YES!, sucho: W00T, RNNR: do your happy dance!, sucho: i did, sucho: with the box on my head.
- 12-18-2008: after a one day break, work has once more commenced on the script.

- 12-19-2008: Got myself a temp ban on the bbs, El Oh El. That'll teach me hahahaha. Also 10 pages. Will need to get to storyboarding in a few.

- 12-20-2008: Had a talk with sucho about the presentation of the story and found my vision was a bit too... extreme, lol. No matter, dude set me straight and now we've come up with something.
- 12-20-2008: Tasty updates to the script, 11ish pages and on schedule. MOAR art is rolling in making me jizz in my pants.
- 12-20-2008: Script will need revisions and editing to fit the new path, no matter though.

- 12-21-2008: 25 minutes into the 21st and it looks like the script will be between 15-20 pages.

- 12-22-2008: Seem to have lost contact with my soundguy and TiredOldGuy, you still alive?
- 12-22-2008: Le script est @ deuxieme 'whatever the french word for pages is', the end is in sight!
- 12-22-2008: As the project progresses I keep posting less and less updates... hmm...

- 12-23-2008: Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy... Script at 13 pages and counting.
- 12-23-2008: Make that 14.

- 12-24-2008: I need a break, script @ 15ish pages.

- 12-29-2008: "So RNNR, why the sudden lack of updates?" "... Err... laziness, but with good reason... holidays and shizzle, also got a DSLR camera."

- 4-1-2009: Traditionally, RNNR fails to meet the deadline he imposed upon himself. Nevertheless, that son of a bitch has now finished the script/story/thingamajig. PENIS!

- 5-1-2009: Yes, that was a cockjoke... looks like RNNR's back in full force. I LOVE YOU ALL!
- 5-1-2009: Revising the script, on the prowl for voice actors.

- 6-1-2009: I have caught moar voice actors, discussing things nao.

- 7-1-2009: Revising the script is going a lot more smoothly than I had initially thought. Expanding and improving it, while at the same time slimming it down and putting more emphasis on the narrator.
- 7-1-2009: Captain, we have made contact with BritZombie.

- 8-1-2009: Holytomato is interested in voice acting. Goddammit I love Chicane...

- 9-1-2009: Got a PM from AnisonTwilight who's interested in voice acting, replied.
- 9-1-2009: Second draft still underway.

- 11-1-2009: Sorry, school now has the priority, so things are slowing down a bit... Still, TheBaldy is now doing the sfx and work continues on everything related. Also updated the crewroster... that was horribly outdated...
- 11-1-2009: Also, I will upload every relevant document somewhere public after the whole project's done.

- 12-1-2009: Only now I noticed yesterday's date was off...
- 12-1-2009: Holy shit, I just got a PM from voicegirl... What the hell am I doing to get THIS kind of attention oO?!
- 12-1-2009: Still in complete shock...
- 12-1-2009: So after getting out of my coma I replied to her explaining that she's just out of our league and this really is a first time project to get people going, while she's already a seasoned, PAID professional. So she replied, STILL INTERESTED, but not only that, SHE WANTS TO DO IT FOR FREE!!!
- 12-1-2009: ...

- 13-1-2009: ...
- 13-1-2009: The... with... but... I... she... God, is that you? Man, you're a real hoot.
- 13-1-2009: Even though I told myself I had no intention of signing on someone of her stature, the emergent need of a narrator is... a factor, and having that done right would help...
- 13-1-2009: So, sorry for all the people I turned down who I thought at the time were too good, had I known sooner the situation would've been different.
- 13-1-2009: Well, this has certainly strengthened my resolve and inspiration.

- 14-1-2009: I need to get on Bosa's ass... Also compiling a crew file so I don't forget who's who... lol
- 14-1-2009: Comes with doing a lot I suppose...
- 14-1-2009: so many people want to offer their voice, which is pretty damn awesome, so thanks to everyone! But I've been just getting too many to keep track of =O. So therefore in the very near future I'll post up a newspost specifically for every VA I'm currently in talks with. It'll have the relevant audition lines, all related documents for everyone and, most importantly, a deadline!

This doesn't affect VAs already attached.

- 16-1-2009: Goddammit... worked my ass off the last 2 days on the schoolproject, completely knackered...
- 16-1-2009: Said schoolproject is finished...
- 16-1-2009: Which can only mean one thing...
- 16-1-2009: That's right! Also, voicegirl for narrator...
- 16-1-2009: Right, instead of running after Bosa, I hooked up with viion. EPPPPIIIICCC shizzle fo nizzle ma gizzle.

- 17-1-2009: Work continues on the second draft, halfway-ish, should have it done within next week.
- 17-1-2009: Which turns out to be a very busy week, I've got a review to finish, a short script to write and a presentation about our schoolproject. Fortunately the schoolproject's finished otherwise I would've had it SUPER busy, instead of just busy xD
- 17-1-2009: Check my latest newspost if you're interested in doing voicework!!!

- 19-1-2009: Last stretch of school, all that remains now are two assessments. No homework though, so I can put more focus on this.
- 19-1-2009: I also have a cold and feel like shit.
- 19-1-2009: But I will persevere...

- 22-1-2009: So school took up some more time than expected, nevertheless I've continued editing the second draft. Intend to have that finished this week.

- 29-01-2009: Well, that went well...
- 29-01-2009: Can someone slap me, like... really hard. Like... Oh-my-fucking-god-my-cheek's-going-to-
be-red-for-the-next-two-weeks hard.
- 29-01-2009: Aaaauuuuggghhh

- 31-01-2009: Script is just about finished, one page left.
- 31-01-2009; BELIEVE IT, BABY!!!

- 3-02-2009: Script was finished yesterday, well... all the dialogue and whatever.

- 10-02-2009: Gee, have I been neglecting this or what? I need to do some follow-ups on people.

- 20-02-2009: It's been a while, I know. Nevertheless work still continues. Storyboard, sound and music. It's safe to say now we're in actual production hahaha, Renaenae was also kind enough to postpone the deadline, so we have six weeks instead of two,

- 27-02-2009: This is going way too smooth... what the hell is wrong? Storyboard, voices and I have a go from everyone involved. I'm on edge...

- 02-03-2009: Production has begun on the final flash. Everything is coming together now.

- 03-03-09:So while cutting up the voicework I randomly decided to count how many voice clips this thing has at the moment...
And not everything's even done yet xD
Oh, and I've also chosen 5 songs from the audio portal which I cut to size, and err... more stuff.

15-03-2009: Contemplating whether I should go with or ditch the little/simple animations the pictures are set to have. Removing them and just keeping the fade-ins/outs.
Got all of the main characters' lines... the narrator lines are over 15 minutes in length. Filesize is becoming a potential issue...
Though if the animations were to be scrapped that would solve a few things.

15-03-2009: The team bit up above is horribly outdated! YAY! Can't be arsed...

16-03-09: Began cutting up the Narrator's lines, all 16 minutes of it...
yay... I actually spelled 'bit' in the last update wrong...

16-03-2009: Seriously considering scrapping the animation bit nao.

23-03-2009: Looks like I missed a few things while I was away, awesome things! Sucho's on a trip now so art's at a pause. Meanwhile I've had a few meetings with my friend discussing how we're exactly going to put this thing together.
Also, since it's too much of a hassle and doesn't really add a whole lot, the animation has been dropped.
That should clear people's schedule... hahaha.

27-03-2009: Replying to MistahMaxx. Procastrinating audio work.

28-03-2009: Look for an alpha of the thing soon-ish, we'll be doing a one page test to see what's what and get some early results.
Sucho, you are THE SHIT! I love you man.

30-03-09: Voicework for the minor roles slowly trickles in.

31-03-09: See above. Also, as this is the last week of this school project so Ill be pre-occupied with that for the moment.

05-04-2009: Blammo, so how's it hanging here? We'll be working on a prototype tuesday. Awaiting replies from several individuals.

07-04-09: That was refreshing! We've split up the tasks and work is underway, mine is mostly organising everything in a standard format... which means changing the tags on 220+ files xD.
FUN! hahaha

05-05-2009: Alright, it's been silent around our little submission for a while now, so if you hadn't figured it out now,

I'm pulling the plug.

.... just kidding, but we have met setbacks. Most notably stuff of a higher priority that needs to be done before this. Since this thing has no deadline any more, I suppose we're off the hook.
We are looking at a deep summer release now, but the fortunate thing is our submission is extremely modular and it's really all content that needs to be made.
Biggest bottleneck is the artwork (that's not a pointing finger sucho ;), that's an observation).
For now the project's taking a nap, and it'll wake up at the end of this month, beginning of june to see where we stand.


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2008-12-12 18:59:08

cool idea.

(Updated ) RNNR responds:

Thank you, though it has grown far beyond an idea already =)


2008-12-12 19:28:32

it was deleted? yikes. still, maybe user page updates will be easier to follow

RNNR responds:

Yep, but I can edit this on the fly, so it is easier this way.


2008-12-13 11:18:38

I'll be interested in voice acting for you. Check out my voice demo and let me know if you're interested: n/193568/


2008-12-29 02:57:59

sorizzle that i've been inactive over the past few days. i've started another picture, and during the middle of this week my schedule will be back to normal. cheers!

RNNR responds:

Suppose it's the holiday drizzle, I myself missed my own deadline (it's like a law of physics that).
Glad to hear you're still on!


2009-01-05 13:24:50

If you are in need of a voice actress, I'm up for it! >:D

RNNR responds:

Great, I'll drop you a PM.


2009-01-12 00:45:47

sorry about the delays, things have taken a turn for the worse around here and although i've been stuck at home, i havent been able to get much work done. i'll work on the environment tomorrow and i thiiiiiiink i'll have it done by then. i'm pretty sure. but try not to hold it against me if i cant make it.

RNNR responds:

Relax, I'm not going to hate on you if things just happen =)
The latest from Renaenae is a March 1 deadline, so...


2009-01-12 16:56:12

wow. that helps alot. i'm starting my costume in feb but it's alot more minor this year than last so that shouldn't even get in the way.